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TOP SHELF Liquid Mineral Foundation

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Banana Split
Creme Brulee
Honey Bananas
Sugar Mama
Milk Chocolate Kush
Truffle Butter

This is a handmade high performance, lightweight, liquid mineral foundation made with clean/non pore clogging ingredients, for a flawless matte finish. This foundation drys matte and has build-able coverage.

This foundation is made with Rosemary for it's antibacterial - anti inflammatory properties , Chamomile to aid in fading dark spots and scarring, and Hemp Seed Oil to re balance oily skin with weightless hydration that regulates oil production.

Shade descriptions:

Shade descriptions:
Banana Split - fair with light pink undertones
Creme Brulee - cool neutral with light to medium undertones
Honey Bananas - neutral light with medium undertones
Sugar Mama - warm light with medium undertones
Milk Chocolate Kush - tan with warm undertones
Truffle Butter - deep with warm undertones

Full-Size bottle with pump - 30ml